Sunday, April 11, 2010

White as...

not snow! Choosing to look at things again from the same perspective or from a different perspective is how life stays interesting. A sequin on a gown looks more brilliant in the glow of the sun. A tree flower is pretty whether you look at it with the sun behind it or in front of it. A blob of mold can be facsinating, especially when you look past it and notice that duck face looking thing that formed in the chile peppers! A person looks a certain way after getting out of bed in the morning and then, hopefully much better after getting a bit dolled up for the day! A Bible passage looks one way when you first read it, then has deeper meaning when you study the original language and the context of the passage. What am I like? Physically, my scars disappear when I am in soft sunlight. They glare at me in the bathroom mirror under the bulbs. Spiritually, I am learning to let the Holy Spirit flood my being with His light so that even with the personality and gifts He gave me, He shines in me! My desire is to fully allow His white light to glow from me, not literally of course, but in a way that my behavior is all about Him. Naturally, I am a selfish person. Supernaturally, I am... white as snow. In His perspective, anyway!

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