Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nitpicking My Brain

I am living in a Benadryl induced fog. The Spring winds have been blowing, the warm sun has been shining and the Juniper trees (my enemy) are bursting heartily with pollen. The fine dust like pollen is absolutely everywhere, making my life miserable! I envision myself with a bubble type of head covering. The puny little white masks at the hardware store don't do a bit of good. Oh well. My season of suffering will be over soon and I will kick into gear, plant my garden, attempt to pretty up the yard...There's so much to do here!

Yesterday was a fabulous day because Jonathan, Tara, Josiah, Grace and Autumn came. They are like sunshine to me! It'll be so wonderful when they move closer to where we live and we'll see them more often. Oh, thank the Lord God for providing a new job for Jonathan!

Tomorrow, Brianne and Ryan return home from their Skid Row mission trip in L.A. I will be so relieved to have them home! My prayer was for them to be safe and that they'd have a life - changing experience without any life - threatening experiences!!!

Maybe this next week will be one in which I will feel a revival in my desire to do what it takes to lose weight! I wanted to be 7 pounds lighter for my birthday on Thursday! Oh, what flighty illusions my mind comes up with! At least I haven't gone all out and eaten everything in sight! No, just a portion! Some items in this house should be under lock and key! Lord, help me!