Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I just happen to take alot of pictures with blue in them. Now, I will try another color scheme!

Gearing Up for The New Year

Before I knew it, 2008 zipped on by! So many events, so much life! I feel like I am falling behind and trying to hurry up and catch up! I need to lose weight. Still! So, I go to the Health Club and do a workout and then I come home and eat! I eat trail mix loaded with M&Ms. Why?? Because I crave the feeling that chocolate feeds my brain. Ridiculous. I do believe that someday, hopefully a few months from now, I will be fit and thinner! There IS something to look forward to!!! Maybe not a wedding or a trip or anything "big". The SOMETHING might just be looking and feeling so much better and buying new clothes that fit great and are a smaller size. Do I dare post pictures of myself in flesh exposing clothes? Hmmm. No, not yet!