Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Foundation For Growth

In order to grow in life, love, one needs a foundation. My life's foundation is made of my belief in God's sacrifice; Christ Jesus' birth, life, death and resurrection. I can't begin to explain God's love, but I thoroughly believe in it, thrive on it! He does not see my sin because it was covered by Christ's blood when he died. It's so freeing to realize FINALLY (at my age) that God sees me as righteous. I don't have to live under a black cloud of conviction and punishment! Am I being cocky? In denial of my human tendancy to mess up? NO! When I make a wrong choice and reap the consequences, I admit I was wrong. I acknowledge my mistake! I endeavor to turn to a better direction and I am grateful to know that I am still loved, always forgiven, drenched in mercy. I am just like a tree that gets a whole new coat of leaves in the Spring, after having been a stark naked Winter one!