Saturday, September 18, 2010

Aunt B's Bakery

Today had a section in it that was actually quite lovely. Well, breakfast was nice; my man put romantic music on and we both sat down at our little new/old round oak table, eating our oatmeal together, quietly like we were little old people or something. But rather than piddle around the house thinking of what all needs to be fixed but not feeling like doing anything about it, we decided to go to the Courthouse Square and look at the Corvette Show. Beautiful cars, they are. However, on my way around the block I asked Hubby if he'd like a brownie. "Sure!" came the reply from the guy with a sweet tooth. We walked into Aunt B's Bakery to buy a brownie. I knew, however, that we'd be blessed by more than a brownie. Aunt B herself was there and if you are having a glum day (or not even), Aunt B is the gal to see. I am tempted to believe that she is made up of the same thing as cupcakes, cheesecake, brownies, cinnamon brioche...and no, I'm not talkin' about sticky sweet. Sticky sweet people are more put on; fake, trying way too hard. I have dealt with that kind before and can pretty well spot them. This Sweet B is authentic and has just enough mischief, I think, to make her charming and fun. And KIND. NICE. CARING. Just like the swirled top on the cupcake. Only better. You tell her something and she listens, actually listens. So, she's not haphazzard with her friendship. Her little shop behind the old, historic bank teller counter shows how she is. Oh NO, not OLD! I mean....charming, like I said before. Beautiful, earnest, sincere. And I mean all this from the deepest butter-filled artery of my heart. Now, maybe I'll get a free cupcake. JUST kiddin'!