Monday, April 19, 2010

Just when I think I've seen enough beauty for one day, I discover more. Not just physical beauty but inward, hidden beauty. And just when I think I've seen enough rotten behavior or rottenness in general, I see more! My appreciation for what is real and true grows every day. I love the fact that God can see the most hidden. I have asked the Lord to show me what needs to go; what should be flushed out of me. He has been honoring my request fairly obviously. At times I am distressed by how fleshly, selfishly driven I am. Then an inward event takes place and I experience how awesome the Lord is! Suddenly I feel as inwardly beautiful as how my daughter looks in her blue gown. Sparkling with a joy and energy that can only come from ONE source, I am able to take on the day with a clear and truthful perspective! How do you deal with rottenness in your life?

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thewritelife2 said...

I go target shooting. :o)