Thursday, May 13, 2010


Blue is beautiful, particularly when it is the sea. It is invigorating with waves and what I call frosting. My favorite Starbucks drink should be blue with the froth on top! My favorite outfit to wear is blue jeans with a white top. My favorite eye color is what you see in the third picture. Color is something God created in His amazing artistry. Blue has so many various hues and shades; it is always fascinating to me! I could stand on the beach and just gaze at the ocean for hours. I snapped over 1,000 pictures recently, 2/3 of them being of the water. The blue of the ocean held my complete attention; I was enraptured. I felt so thoroughly peaceful, happy, drawn in to a glorious place of beauty and power! God is like that, like the glorious blue ocean, calling my name, wanting me to devote my whole heart to Him. At the ocean, I felt like I was one with God, united, loved. My heart is there! Leaving the ocean was like severing something, like a loss. I have struggled with accepting that I cannot just live there. In my heart I know and believe that God is with me no matter where I am because His spirit is in my being. In my life here, I have to simply focus on His love and strength and do what He guides me to do each day, no matter how ordinary it is. No matter how dreary the weather, how headachey and nauseated I feel, how ugly and unusable the yard is, how moldy the bathroom is, how frustrating the politics are, how annoying people can be, how much I wonder about church and the same old same old...God and His glorious blue is with me. His joy is my strength. I must have faith!

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Beautiful photos! :o)