Friday, April 17, 2009

Yesterday was so beautiful,,,,,

What made the day beautiful is that Tara, Josiah, Grace and Autumn came. It was great to spend time with them; laughing, talking, eating, children napping, Tara and I shopping while P.Pa was in charge of being on guard! Later, after they left to make the 1 hour drive home, Rich and I drove to a couple different locations so that I could capture an incoming storm with my camera. It was so exciting to be out there shooting until the first snowflakes fell! I quickly hopped into the car and declared I was ready to go home. It was FREEZING up on the hill! The pictures were well worth the discomfort of the temperatures, breeze, etc. I felt so blessed and so protected. God is awesome in what He reveals to us and when. A storm is powerful and is to be respected. It is ominous and dangerous. Yet it provides good things for the land. In my life, a storm can cause me to huddle in fear, curling into a fetal position, spiritualy and physical disabling me. God's wisdom, power and love provides the cushioning and protection that I so need in everyday life. He allows me to hurt but not be destroyed. He helps me to forgive...and to love those who caused the pain. He helps me to let go of my fear of being hurt again. His love and forgiveness is everlasting. I thank Him!

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